Finishing Playtest Round 1 for KumaWelt 1: Honey Frontier

In the past few days, we have run an open playtest for KumaWelt 1: Honey Frontier (version 0.4.0). As we close this round of playtest, we have so far accumulated 28 wishlists, 108 playtest activations, 24 unique players, and 1 community post.

From players who helped testing the game, we have gathered valuable insights on future arrangements. If things work well, you will be able to join the next playtest for version 0.5.0 in April 2024. We plan to run playtests on a monthly basis till the formal release.

Specifically, here is a list of changes that we particularly want to prioritize:

  • Fast mode (2x time speed option)
  • UI hint for mob spawning location
  • Volume settings
  • Commander permanent growth

If you missed the playtest, please do wishlist/follow the game on Steam. This will help reminding you of future updates as well as playtest announcements.