Playtest Round 2 Announcement for KumaWelt 1: Honey Frontier


Today we are starting playtest round 2 for KumaWelt 1: Honey Frontier (version 0.5.0) on Steam.

Free playtest access will be granted automatically from April 16 to April 23.
You can find the “join playtest” button on the Steam store page.

Version Highlights

Here are major changes we introduced in this version.

  • Artifacts: Select an artifact out of 3 options when completing a level.
  • Basic permanent growth: Get up to 20% crit rate and 40% crit damage as you gain commander mastery levels.
  • Chessboard-based progression: You can choose to fight more levels in a tour for a more filled backpack of artifacts. But beware, mobs will be stronger.

Keep in Touch

Join our Discord server and tell us your ideas.

Also, the Community Hub on Steam is a nice place to post your ideas.

In this round of playtest, we are particularly interested in learning new ideas on permanent growth, replayability, and combat style variations.

What to Expect for Future Rounds

Here are some thoughts that we intend to explore in future.

  • Art style revamp: Towers and mobs may adopt the pixel style.
  • Mutators: In Hard/Crucial difficulty, daily challenge will have random mutators that give mobs specializations in various ways.
  • Climate-based effects: Climate will affect towers and mobs. For example, in a Snowland level, mobs will be slower.

Full Changelog

  • Select an artifact out of 3 options when finishing a level.
  • Simple permanent growth for up to 20% crit rate and 40% crit damage.
  • Grid-based progression instead of linear progress.
  • 2x time scale feature.
  • Towers of Kalika now shoot laser from floating drones.
  • Spawning location now has a big hint in GUI.
  • More sound effects.
  • Resolution settings.
  • Window mode settings.
  • Audio volume settings.
  • Bishop fire range adjustment.